Monday, April 7, 2014

Thougts on the Godhead

The sickness strikes back...I have been sick all week and it got worse yesterday haha.  Ahh man I just have an ear infection and a fever but they don't want to go away.  I probably should go buy medicine so I can sleep better so good thing today is P-Day!  wooooooo

General Conference was super good!  I love how motivating it all is.  Just gets you so stoked!!!!   Like I said though I was swaying back and forth a little on the front row yesterday watching it all, the ward probably thinks I drank something.  We watch the Saturday sessions and the Sunday morning sessions only.  Next week we watch the Sunday afternoon session.  Oh well.  Other than that I am doing swell.  R****** is still excited to be baptized, we are teaching her 3 times a week and have had a great time together.  Her husband is also on his way.  

This week I have thought a lot about the Godhead and also faith.  The Godhead is something that obviously everybody in the church should know about but I feel like it is missunderstood in many ways.  John 14 talks a lot about it.  I think it is sad that many churches view God as a floating nothingness.  That is pretty stupid actually.  It is important that we recognize the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost as 3 seperate beings but one in purpose.  The Father created us, gave us life, the Son who was in glory, came to earth, got a body and brought forth the Atonement to save souls, the Holy Ghost is a sanctifier, He testifies of the Father and the Son and their purpose.  We should only be worshiping the Father.  The Son worshiped the Father and taught us how we should do that and therefore we do not worship the Son.  We are eternally in the Son's debt for what He did for us and therefore we should be thankful and follow in His footsteps.  He showed the way.  Faith in these principles come on different levels.  We can sit at home and say we believe and live our lives according to the world or in other words be hypocrites, or we can practice our faith and realize that we are not alone.  God sees our steps and counts them.  He knows what we do and I think that many people don't realize that in the fulness including my self.  How would we live our lives different if the Son of God was in our presence?  What would we do different?  Do you know what's crazy?  He is there, He sees it all!  The question that I ask myself is what would I look like if Jesus was with me?  How would I act?  I have one word: different.  What can I do know that I have realized this?  Change.  The enabling power of the Atonement allows us to change for the better.  Repent, start again and do it better.  Show others along the way.  

I wish I could write more but that is about all the energy I got ha.  I miss you all and hope you have a great week:)

Liebe grüße,
Elder Hays

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