Monday, April 14, 2014

On the mend

Hey Mom :)  We worked a lot today so we don't have much time for emails but I was sick until about yesterday.  I was in bed until Thursday and could not just shake whatever I had.  No idea but I was out of it.  Some Sisters came and brought me medicine and that helped me with the whole sleeping problem.  I am doing better now.

Sadie is gone?  I knew this would happen...I wish I could have been there but I probably would not have helped with the whole emotional situation...

Well not much happened this week.  I am grateful for other missionaries and all that they do to support others.  I just hope that I am one of those missionaries that can be trusted to help anyone at the phone call.  I am working on it but I feel like I have done a lot but it is important to not only just be a great help when you want to but to live that way and to include it into your nature.  That's what I am trying to do.  We should be having a good week this week so I am excited.  Thank you for the easter eggs packet.  Elder Liddiard and I will have a great time with that:)

Sorry for the lame email but know that I am doing better.  I have made a few life decisions in this past week while talking to a lot of missionaries about their opinion.  And prayer of course.  It is weird...I really want to do all these cool things just so that I can reach them but I am thinking about my future family in my decisions now.  The mission is the place where we can receive answers for all of these things like it says in my patriarchal blessing.

I love you!  I miss you.
Liebe grüße,
Elder Hays

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