Monday, February 10, 2014

Pure love of Christ

I am absolutly loving Pinneberg.  It is a blessing to be here.  The people are nice and the ward is just great.  I do miss Dresden a lot and the ward there.  The work here is going great.  We have 5 investigators that are right on the edge of baptism.  It will be a good week :)  I can't believe that it has already been a transfer since I left Dresden!  Transfer calls are on Saturday. I will tell you about a experience this week though that I sent to a friend as well.  

So we found this lady in the list that we have of investigators.  We called her up and made out an appointment (this was 4 weeks ago).  We had a great first appointment and she took it all in with no problem. We then made out another appointment for a week later which ended up not working out for her so she had to cancel.  She said that she would call but that she is also crazy with work.  We then waited a week before we would call again and she never picked up for another week.  When we called at like 10:30 in the morning one day, she answered with a tired voice, all I said was, 'Hello Frau Lorenz,' and she hung up.  We had been praying our hearts out for this lady, had members pray for her and then we messed it because she was woken up.  (It is hard enough for missionaries to get appointments with people and experiences that that doesn't help haha).  I literally cried as I prayed.  I thought that I had made her turn away from the church in that moment because I had called too early and had woken her up.  I love these people.  I put my trust in them and give them my heart. Well, a couple more weeks went by with no contact and we were just going to go by on Tuesday, we felt that we needed to wait until Sunday (yesterday) for whatever reason I don't know but it was said to me clearly.  So we waited until yesterday.  I was scared but I knew that whatever happened, the Lord's hand would be in it.  We knocked on the door and she had a blanket wrapped around her.  She said she was sick but said that we could come in.  She seemed very down and sad but okay that we were there.  We just wanted to help her in any way.  We let her talk and come to find out, she had been in bed for the last 3 days with little to eat because of sickness and alone.  She had a son that would come and help but not much.  She said that if we had come any earlier than today she would have sent us away.  She said that she had been humbled and knew why she was sick now.  Being prompted, we came by and that is when she needed us.  We talked and just cried together.  She is just a normal, active, 50 year old women whose husband has died and has one son and work.  She just needed to talk.  We then asked if she wanted a blessing and we gave her one...That feeling that we felt last night was no light prick in the heart.  It was incredible, like the room was about to light on fire in the pure love of Christ for this women.  I don't know how else to describe it!  She felt it, was crying and said that we can come over anytime.  So grateful that I was able to live that.  

I love the work!

Always remember that time is how you can show love and that is what we all need.  

Happy Valentines Day! (Yes mom you can be my valentines :)) Next year as well but the year after that I can't say haha.  

Elder Hays

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