Monday, February 17, 2014



Elder Burri is going to Chemnitz as a District Leader and I get to go to Berlin to pick one up fresh out of the MTC :)

I feel really blessed that the Lord has found me worthy to train a new missionary again. I loved training Elder Young, I truly have never learned from more from anybody else about missionary work as I did from him. I really have a testimony about listening to these younger missionaries to improve our efforts here in the field. They get us out of the normal ruts that we sometimes fall into.

We have been having some good weeks. I really owe a lot to the Joint teaches that we have brought along because they are the ones who really help us get return appointments haha. No, but the Holy Ghost definitly helps as well.

We have been teaching Fr. S***** who is progressing quite well. She is now fairly good friends with a ward member and her husband knows another ward member from work so the social converstion is there and the spiritual is increasing steadily. We talked about baptism last time and how it is one of the steps on the ladder to live with God again. The testimony of members in Joint teaches are just amazing I must say. She was sick and called us Sunday morning saying that she couldn't come but she came the week before and Loved it. So it is going really well with her.

I have made personal plans to meet with more less active as well this transfer. We have one who is working with the bishop again and is making progress. We just have to help him with smoking and coming back to church and bringing him back into the light. He has the desire and will to do it so that is what is important.

We had a great Sunday. We had 5 investigators come to church. 2 of which are new. They just showed up and we taught them then and there and made an appointment out for the next week! We also had a great investigator class with Fr. K**** who had a baptismal date in like 2004 or something and we found her again and will teach her.

I have never felt this way on my mission. I have a fire inside of me and it's hot haha. I am truly motivated and can't wait to learn even more from my new companion. I am still learning on how to be a leader and to help my district. I need to work on giving council and just expressing myself.  My ultimate goal is to truly become a consecrated missionary to the Lord and we can in all ways improve but I feel like I have made it to really just giving it all.  I am obedient and do everything I can to serve the Lord.  I can't wait to learn even more though.  

Oh the Olympics are great!  That sounds like a blast.  

Erika and NYU.  It fits perfect!  Too bad it's too far away from her big brother so she can't attend...It's okay Erika, BYUI is good too!  

I love you all.  Oh yeah!  I gave a talk on Sunday.  It went super good and the ward really liked it.  It was so cool!  I had a paper that I had typed and I read off of that for a while but I just looked up and talked straight for like 5 min haha.  Don't know what I said though.  

Love you!
Elder Hays

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